What are Content Communities?

Content communities are essentially websites where users can share online multimedia content. This includes sites like Pinterest, Flickr, Shutterfly, YouTube, Vimeo, and SlideShare. Users from around the world are bound together on these sites by the common interests that they share via the types of content that they post. Businesses can use content communities to their advantage by sharing images, videos, and other relevant and engaging content on established communities that are related to their brand.

A quick overview on content communities and how they can be used for a brand can be found here:

Content Communities that A Gift For Teaching Would Benefit From



One of A Gift For Teaching’s target audiences is the teachers in our area that shop at the free supply store. Data shows that the majority of Pinterest users are female, that about 76% of public school teachers are also female, and that about 87% of teachers already look for class materials on Pinterest. Since this specific target audience is already heavily using this content community, A Gift For Teaching could use this information to target this demographic via Pinterest. I made two boards to demonstrate how A Gift For Teaching could engage this demographic on Pinterest: One giving teachers ideas on how they can reuse any items that they picked up in the Bonus Section of the A Gift For Teaching free store, and another providing developmental and classroom tools for teachers.


Teachers would be able to open up the the Bonus Items board on Pinterest at any time, but it could be particularly helpful when they’re shopping in the free store so that they know which items they’ll want to take to their classrooms. They also have the option to look at the board ahead of time and pin which items they want to remember to take from the Bonus Section so that they’re able to make their shopping trip quicker.


Teachers would also be able to engage with the Teacher Tools Pinterest board by repinning and using the resources available in their classrooms. While the board doesn’t give ideas on what teachers can do with their supplies, it offers free resources to teachers on Pinterest, which is A Gift For Teaching’s target audience. This board would interest the target market and engage them while maintaining A Gift For Teaching’s brand image.




A Gift For Teaching could benefit from sharing their event photos on another content community: flickr. For the purposes of this assignment, I created a flickr account with three photos albums.

Screenshot (424).png

Although photo album organization can easily be done on Facebook Pages, there are a few advantages to uploading them to flickr as well. In addition to having them all on one photo-sharing site where individuals go in search of images, picutres uploaded on flickr can be easily edited with photo enhancements. Furthermore, photos and albums have access to easy sharing buttons on various social media platforms and they can also be tagged by location. What’s really great about this community is that the site ranks high on search engine results, which would increase search visibility and potentially improve A Gift For Teaching’s blog, website, and social site traffic. By simply including a summary hyperlink in the image description, tags, and backlinks on photos, their SEO will improve greatly. Lastly, flickr photos and albums can be shared in certain groups that are essentially sub-communities within this content community.


In this case, A Gift For Teaching could tag photos in the Teacher or Nonprofit group in order to engage with like-minded individuals that are a part of those groups.


Final Thoughts on Content Communities 

Content communities are the perfect place for people with mutual interests to share images, videos, and other content related to those interests. Communities like subreddits, Flickr albums, Pinterest boards, and StumbleUpon shares give these users a place for them to explore topics that they like while conversing with people who share common ground.


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