How Brands Can Use Snapchat

Brands can use Snapchat strategically to tell a narrative that interests their followers. The following are just a few creative ways in which brands can engage their audience via Snapchat.



Sour Patch Kids is known for their entertaining Snaps. In this story, they created a fun narrative featuring Sour Patch Kids playing tricks on their friend, social media entertainer Logan Paul, to go along with their slogan: First they’re sour, then they’re sweet. They’re similar to their TV commercials where a life-sized Sour Patch Kid does something mean (sour) and then something nice (sweet). This Snapchat Story successfully reinforces the brand image and slogan from the commercials while also entertaining users.


Interactive content

Brands can make their Snaps interactive to further engage users. In this example, Lowes gamifies their story by allowing users to tap in certain spots so that they can learn step-by-step instructions for a DIY project. The interactive nature of this story allows users to learn something while tapping through the story.


Brands can also use Snapchat to their benefit during Holidays. Sour Patch Kids added a Snap to their story asking users to screenshot a picture of the Sour Patch Kid and draw a costume on them. After the received snaps that users had drawn costumes on, they shared their favorites to their story, allowing users to have a chance to be included in the company’s story.

spk halloween.png



Backstage Coverage

Giving users a sneak peek into what goes on behind-the-scenes can help to include and engage them with a brand’s snaps. Brands can do this to humanize themselves by sharing what employees are doing in a fun way. It allows for users to see the people behind the the business name in a fun, entertaining way. Everlane, a retail brand, uses their Snapchat as a way to showcase employees, products, and factories in this manner.



Sponsored Features

Snapchat has incorporated sponsored lenses and ads to benefit companies wanting to advertise to users via the app. When users tap through their stories, ads can pop up and uses can choose to watch them or just swipe past them. Snapchat also allows businesses to purchase Snapchat lenses. These are sponsored filters that users can put on their faces and play with, showcasing the brand’s name in a fun filter for users to share with their friends. Gatorade and Taco Bell are just a few companies that have taken advantage of this feature for promotion.




A Gift For Teaching Snapchat Campaign Example



I decided to create a story detailing the A Gift For Teaching Telethon. This would have been implemented in our recent efforts to raise $12,000 in donations to help over 210,000 Central Florida students in need of supplies by holding an all-day Telethon on News 6. I incorporated the donation hotline number into the majority of the Snaps so that users would have exposure to the number. I also added call-to-actions like “Call Now” to encourage them to act. I made sure to include a behind-the-scenes Snap and an entertaining Snap about a volunteer who was barely awake for his 4 AM shift in order to engage users and humanize the selfless volunteers who gave their time to help others. I utilized all of these aspects so that the story could appeal to users and to encourage them to call in and make a donation.


Final Thoughts

I’ve used Snapchat before for personal use, but I mainly use it to see how my best friend is doing, as she loves the app. I personally prefer Instagram or Facebook because I don’t like that I can’t keep any videos that people send me. I also don’t really see the point of using a separate app when Instagram and Instagram Stories exists in one, convenient platform. Furthermore, and most importantly, Snapchat isn’t that user friendly- it has plenty of hidden features that users have to search for or stumble upon. Final verdict: I personally prefer other applications, but in order for brands to stand out and have a wider audience reach, they can use Snapchat to their advantage to appeal to whatever portion of their audience utilizes the app.


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