According to this week’s lecture, although the Oh My Disney blog contains more informal content, both that blog and the Hootsuite Social blog are considered professional blogs. This is because they are both revenue-oriented organizations, they post at least two times per week, and they have a high number of subscribers. These are my favorite blogs, and while they fall under the same category, they produce very different, yet equally engaging, content.


Oh My Disney (OMD)


The purpose of the OMD blog is to share short, entertaining posts that are linked to Disney movies or characters somehow via content, photos, or videos. It is very much like Buzzfeed because users can take personality quizzes, read list posts, and just read short, entertaining content revolving around Disney movies, shows, news, parks, and food.

What makes this blog unique is their ability to reuse old images to refer back to old Disney movies and make it new again with funny or cute blog posts. Disney has an incredibly large following that most companies and brands don’t have. It is a household name that both kids and adults can relate to, so whether they’re referencing The Little Mermaid or Zootopia, they know that different age groups will be able to relate to the posts. They brilliantly do this by creating new content based on content that they already have and refreshing it by including it in a post. It’s an incredible marketing tactic that requires extending content that already exists in a silly, entertaining post- which reflects Disney’s youthful and fun brand. The fact that the blog is high on the search engine results list is probably a key factor in driving traffic to the blog. In addition to that, the Disney Facebook page sometimes shared OMD blog posts, which probably also increases traffic to the site.


It is a very successful blog according to this week’s lecture. Not only are new posts published often, but they provide links to all of their social sites, create original content, and make it easy to share and subscribe to content.


The blog has been around for a few years and continues to prosper due to following these rules. In my opinion, I honestly don’t think that they blog is missing anything. It has all of the criteria of a successful blog, makes a profit off of advertising space on the site, and has generates traffic to the site in more than one way.

Do yourself a favor and watch this adorable video posted on the OMD blog


Hootsuite Social


The purpose of the Hootsuite Social blog is to share relevant social media news and information while linking to other internal posts and promoting their revenue-earning services like paid accounts and certificates. Hootsuite is unique because in addition to providing consistent, informative posts like other social media blogs do, they also provide more in-depth guides to help those new to social media management with helpful templates and links to other posts. Furthermore, they promote Hootsuite webinar dates for professionals to learn about relevant social media topics. Their posts reflect Hootsuite’s brand because they reinforce their Social Media expertise to the reader with each post. In addition to being high on the search engine results list, Hootsuite also promotes their posts on Twitter, ensuring traffic to the blog. The IMC between all of their social sites and their main website is consistent and makes the user experience better overall.


            According to this week’s lecture, it is a pretty successful blog. Not only are new posts published often, but they provide links to all of their social sites, create original content, and make it easy to share and subscribe to content.



This blog is missing something to really set it apart from other blogs, though. While their content is informative, organized, and extremely helpful, it is content that can absolutely be found on other blogs. It is also missing out on an opportunity by not having advertising on the site. They could benefit monetarily by including ads and similar sites like Buffer and Sprout Social could benefit from placing ads there.


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