Benefits of Using Carousel Ads

Facebook Carousel Ads are not only interactive, but they also promise multiple images and relevant information. Because of these features, they engage potential consumers more than traditional Facebook ads. In fact, carousel ads are 10 times better at getting people to click through compared to static sponsored posts on Facebook. One company found that their click-through rate increased to 72% when they used carousel ads instead of a single-image ad. You can use carousel ads to create step-by-step visuals of how a product or service works, to display details about a blog post, or to promote a company website, like in the example below.


Example: Carousel Ad to Increase A Gift For Teaching’s Click-Through

While A Gift For Teaching (AGFT) has seen a successful increase in followers and relevant Facebook Page engagement in the past few months, keeping AGFT fresh in the minds of followers and introducing new potential followers to the nonprofit is a huge goal of ours. Since increasing brand awareness is one of AGFT’s main goals, I created an ad which demonstrates what AGFT does in the form of a brief narrative. The top of the ad has an overview of what AGFT does, and the images and captions very basically show how AGFT can turn supplies into tools that students in need can use to improve their classroom performance.

– – –


Why Did I Create the Ad This Way? 

Since AGFT has never utilized any kind of paid advertising, I decided to start small with a $5 daily budget for one week to see how the ad performed compared to its estimated 3 to 6 clicks per day. This Facebook Ad campaign is mostly targeting females, aged 25 to 44, that live in Central Florida and are interested in topics related to education. Since our current following consists of a demographic similar to that, targeting like-minded individuals is a key strategy in this campaign. This AGFT campaign revolves around using Facebook Ads to integrate the Push Marketing technique of a banner ad on a social media site, where Pull Marketing techniques prosper. Its purpose is to spread the word about AGFT what we do what others can do to help kids in need, and that’s why I formatted it this way.


Final Thoughts

The Carousel Ad format is a great way to engage potential and existing followers. It allows for targeting specific audiences, so appropriate messages can be sent to the target group based on their interests and/or demographics like sex, age, and location. Its interactive and image-based format is an attractive feature that engages a target audience, making these types of ads even more effective than static Facebook ads.


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