Benefits of a Consumer Persona

Figuring out a few consumer personas for your organization can feel a bit like playing guess who. You’re trying to figure out who does what and how that could affect your game in a positive way so that you win in the end.


While this may be a bit tricky, creating consumer personas is an essential step to take when your organization is trying to target their ideal consumers. By creating user profiles, your organization obtains in-depth observations about the people in your intended audience in terms of aspects like demographics, psychographics, lifestyle choices, and purchasing behaviors. These observations can be used as a locus that allows organizations to maintain focus on their target market, and allows them to pick and “choose the most relevant messages for that audience and present them in a way they’ll be understood.” It is ideal to be able to reference as a cheat-sheet or a “comprehensive how-to guide for reaching” consumers and making sure that the messaging that your organization is sending out will appeal to them.


A Gift For Teaching’s User Personas

A Gift For Teaching has many different target audiences. Through channels like email, social media, and direct mail, we send tailored messages to each one to ensure that they’re relevant, timely, and clearly understood. Below are three examples based on consumers of A Gift For Teaching’s messaging. We make sure that each message sent to followers, volunteers, financial donors, supply donors, and public school administrators are relevant to each target market so that they are receptive to our brand messages.

Teacher Teresa


Teachers like Teresa are interested in utilizing A Gift For Teaching’s services because it benefits them and the students in their classroom. A Gift For Teaching’s mission appeals to them as a community conscious person and as a teacher who can take advantage of our services. Our Bonus Section– which is full of recycled materials that can be reused in the classroom- appeals to teachers like Teresa because they are creative.


Executive Eric


Executives like Eric that work at corporations in the area are interested in what A Gift For Teaching can provide as a nonprofit. Having a social responsibility that has a positive impact on our community boosts morale at a corporation like the one Eric works at. It also creates a sense of community amongst employees when corporate groups volunteer together at A Gift For Teaching and work towards a certain goal.


Administrator Ashley


Superintendents and other Administrators like Ashley are interested in what A Gift For Teaching can do to improve the schools that they supervise. They would mainly be interested in contacting A Gift For Teaching to see how to get supplies into the schools that they manage. Since Ashley and teachers like her are proponents of the green movement, they would be excited by the Recycled Electronics Program and the recycled materials in our Bonus Section.



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