EVERY Day is Good Samaritan Day!

Just because #goodsamaritanday is over, doesn’t mean that you can’t be a Good Samaritan! Here are a few of my favorite organizations that you should check out:

AGFT logo_full

Yes, I used to volunteer here and I am currently interning here. But, nobody asks or requires me to talk A Gift for Teaching (AGFT) up. I do that myself because I really love this organization and what it stands for. One of my cousins is an elementary school teacher. When she taught here in Orlando, I realized just how important the supplies that she got at A Gift for Teaching was to her students. She was working in a very low-income area where, sadly, most students didn’t have enough money to buy any school supplies. Because of AGFT, she was able to provide that to them by shopping in the free store every month. I used to assist her and her students in the classroom, and that is where I saw firsthand how necessary this supplies is for these kids in need to feel safe and prepared so that they can excel in school. This is my favorite organization because it helps teachers help their students succeed and I am a huge proponent of education. Learn more about AGFT here.


When I donated my hair last year, Pantene Beautiful Lengths was the only organization that I was able to find that actually donated their wigs instead of selling them. Seeing my grandma lose most of her hair to radiation therapy and chemotherapy made me wonder how a company could even think of making a profit off of donated hair to someone who is already spending so much money on cancer treatments. That’s why I chose to donate my hair to this specific organization, and that’s why I support them. Find out more about Pantene Beautiful Lengths here.


Last but not least, Make-A-Wish is an incredible foundation that provides a beautiful experience for kids with life-threatening medical conditions. They create an environment where these kids and their families can have a happy and fun experience without worries. It’s truly a dream come true for these kids, and how this organization goes above and beyond to make these kids happy is really heartwarming. Learn more about Make-A-Wish here.

What are some of your favorite organizations? Leave a comment below!



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